Private Equity as an asset class has now been published as part of the Wiley Finance series in February 2007 and was formally launched at SuperReturn in Frankfurt, when Guy Fraser-Sampson was invited to give the keynote address in the investor stream.

Within its first week of publication it went into the Amazon best-seller list, (reaching as high as number 1) where it has stayed ever since. It has been widely adopted as a standard textbook by business schools around the world and is currently being translated into several foreign languages.

The book is a comprehensive guide to the asset class as a whole and is believed to be (surprisingly) the only such book in the world. Starting with such basic questions as "what is private equity" it takes the reader steadily through increasingly sophisticated levels of detail until complex modelling of buyout and venture deals and funds can be attempted with confidence.

Coverage includes, venture capital, buyout, due diligence, and the planning of a private equity fund programme. Particularly valuable is a comprehensive glossary of terms encountered in the private equity industry. What was The Great Train Robbery? What is a strip, and does it have anything to do with a bimbo? This book has the answers.

"Private Equity as an asset class by Guy Fraser-Sampson is a comprehensive attempt to get to the bottom of private equity returns over the past 15 years or so as well as a well written overview of the buyout and venture markets." The Daily Telegraph

"... author Guy Fraser-Sampson has some eye-opening comments about the current state of private equity affairs ..." Institutional Investor

"Guy Fraser-Sampson conveys the complex specifics of private equity with some ease. His introduction to private equity is stimulating reading for experts and non-experts." Investment and Pensions Europe

"The first textbook on private equity for investors" Management Today

"Tells you everything you'll ever need to know about private equity ... deserves to be adopted as the standard textbook on the subject." Rebecca Meijlink, AlphaBet Capital

"A masterpiece by the acknowledged expert in the field" Ross Butler, editor Real Deals

"I can't think of anyone better qualified to write this book" Roger Wilkins, Morley Fund Management

"Shines a torch of clarity into some dimly lit areas of private equity theory and practice" Javier Loizago, Chairman European Venture Capital Association

"Writes with the authority of twenty years' experience gained on both sides of the Atlantic" David de Weese, Paul Capital Partners

"I have always said that Guy wrote the book on private equity - now he really has!" Erine Richardson MTI

"A well written and well timed release which brings light to the private equity asset class and dispels some of the myths being propagated by those who have little understanding of it. A must read for anyone new to the industry, as well as all those who seek to enter or comment upon it." Shamsa Rana, Tribune Capital