"A revolutionary workshop - it will change the way you view pension investing" Azola Majeke, Novare

"An eye-opening and mind-broadening experience ... fascinating content and great presentation ... definitely the best presenter I have ever been taught by" Rebecca Meijlink, AlphaBet Capital

"Your workshop gave me a whole new perspective on investment strategy ... an excellent two days" Jonathan Elwes, Close Investments

"Great content which opened my eyes to a lot of new ideas, and a good opportunity to network with investors in a relaxed environment" Thomas Hillbrink, VP Bank

"I realize how much your seminar has changed my attitude ... I look at private equty funds now with a whole new perspective, and my work has been made even more interesting" Anne Meyer, BTV Holding

"An excellent event ... apart from the content itself, which was consistently very good, the main reason for this was Fraser-Sampson himself ... he is in a class of his own. He is fluent, informal and amusing and has a natural talent for making a complex subject seem both approachable and interesting ... we need more events like this." Journal of Pensions